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Struggling to bring your dream home to life? Don’t worry! Michael Burke Construction is an all-around construction brand that helps clients create beautiful, customized homes. What sets us a notch above other construction companies is our versatility. In fact, whether you’re looking for home remodeling companies near me, custom home builders near me, or a roofing company near me, we can help! To learn more about us and what we do, clients in or near Duxbury, MA can call (508) 250-5928.

We proudly serve clients from:

  • Duxbury, MA
  • Kingston, MA
  • Marshfield, MA
  • Norwell, MA
  • Pembroke, MA
  • Plymouth, MA

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Home Remodeling Companies Near Me

Here are some of the ways construction companies and home remodeling companies near me can help you:

  • Room Additions: Do you find your kids constantly arguing over their room? Then it might be time to get a new room addition. Home remodeling companies near me can construct an entirely new room in your home for guests, new family members, in-laws, or growing children.
  • Kitchen Remodeling: You can make even a small kitchen look a lot more spacious with the help of expert construction companies. In fact, you might even be able to build enough room to entertain and seat your guests. Imagine how fun it would be to hold a dinner party where guests can watch you showcase your cooking skills!
  • Bathroom Renovation: No matter how beautiful your interior designing is, an old, moldy bathroom can quickly ruin your home’s overall aesthetic. Also, bathrooms with poor ventilation and lighting can really spike your utility bills every month.

If you want the best construction companies and home remodeling companies near me, look no further than Michael Burke Construction! Just give us a call and we’ll provide you with a sample floor plan for you to refer to. You can reach us at (508) 250-5928 for appointment bookings in and around Duxbury, MA

Roofing Company Near Me

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Some benefits of working with a good roofing company near me include:

  • Lower Utility Bills: High-quality roofing can maintain good indoor air quality. That means your HVAC unit won’t have to work so much to keep your home cool or warm.
  • Better Aesthetic: Broken shingles, rusted gutters, and leaking ceilings can make any home look disgusting. So make sure you hire expert roofing construction companies that can provide you with durable options that will stay beautiful for a very long time.
  • Higher Market Value: If the roofing company near me does a good job, your home’s market value might increase.

Get high-grade roofing on your beautiful home with help from Michael Burke Construction! We’re one of the best roofing construction companies in and around Duxbury, MA. <span style=”white-space: nowrap;”>Call (508) 250-5928</span> to set a free initial consultation with us.

Custom Home Builders Near Me

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Should you work with custom home builders near me? Some of the advantages of hiring construction companies are:

  • Cost-Efficiency: Custom home builders near me will construct a home that suits your own budget plan. On the other hand, if you buy a fully furnished home, you’ll end up paying for spaces, amenities, and features you don’t really need. Also, fully furnished homes usually have an unfairly high market value.
  • Steady Communication: When working with construction companies that you personally hired, it’s easy to maintain proper communication throughout the project. In fact, you’ll be with them every step of the way so you can tell your custom home builders near me exactly what you’re looking for.
  • Personalized Construction Solutions: Perhaps the biggest benefit of working with custom home builders is getting personalized construction solutions. The floor plan, blueprints, and project drafts are all unique and were designed for no one else but you.

Are you ready to start working on your dream home in or near Duxbury, MA? Then reach out to the best construction companies and custom home builders near me: Michael Burke Construction. Call (508) 250-5928 now so we can start working on your project draft!


Joseph Soares Avatar
Joseph Soares
5/27/2019 - Google

Absolutely great price and the best outcome I could expect. Completion on time, honest and professional work. Rare find.

Chris Jones Avatar
Chris Jones
3/27/2019 - Google

The team was very professional, the cleanup excellent, and the new roof looks fantastic

Andrew Craig Avatar
Andrew Craig
11/27/2018 - Google

Hired Michael to do a new roof,everything went flawless. From start to finish, could not be happier. Crew worked non... read more

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