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Transform your old, moldy bathroom into a beautiful, elegant one fit for a five-star hotel! Michael Burke Construction is an all-service company that does an array of home improvement and renovation jobs like bathroom remodeling services. Just give us a call, tell our local bathroom contractors what you’re looking for, and we’ll provide you with a free floor plan design! For appointment bookings with our bathroom remodel contractors near me, clients in and around Kingston, MA can call (508) 250-5928. We proudly serve clients from the following areas:

  • Duxbury, MA
  • Kingston, MA
  • Marshfield, MA
  • Norwell, MA
  • Pembroke, MA
  • Plymouth, MA

Bathroom Remodeling Services

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No matter how expensive and stunning your interior design is, an old, moldy bathroom can instantly destroy your home’s overall appearance. To preserve the quality of your bathroom, make sure you call your bathroom remodel experts if you notice any of the following:

  • Poor Air Quality: Does your bathroom feel like some kind of smelly, stinky sauna? Then you should consider getting bathroom remodeling services. The foul odor and heavy humidity are probably caused by poor ventilation. Luckily, a bit of spacing and natural ventilation can make this issue go away.
  • Lack of Design: If you see the bathroom as nothing but a place to shower, take a dump, and store towels, then you need bathroom remodeling services. Bathrooms shouldn’t start with the toilet and end with the shower area. Just like any part of your house, it has to look attractive. Call your bathroom remodel experts so they can add features like cabinets, curtains, separate shower rooms, and even garden views!
  • Small Usable Space: Small, quaint bathrooms may have a unique charm, but it’s definitely neither functional or efficient. Get bathroom remodel contractors to enlarge your bathroom so it can match your modern, busy lifestyle.

Are you ready to upgrade your bathroom? Then schedule for the best bathroom remodeling services in and around Kingston, MA! Call Michael Burke Construction today so we can start working on your project. Dial (508) 250-5928 for pricing inquiries and appointment bookings.

Bathroom Remodel Contractors Near Me

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Creating a bathroom remodel budget plan can be quite a headache. The price gaps are so large so it’s almost impossible to create an accurate budget. Luckily, you don’t have to do it alone! Bathroom remodel contractors near me can help you draw up a budget plan to refer to. They can suggest ways to achieve your dream bathroom design without having to break the bank.

But be careful of sleazy bathroom remodel contractors near me who talk clients into paying unfair rates. They often inflate the rates of their goods and services to earn a bit more.

If you don’t want to deal with those kinds of dishonest brands, then turn straight to Michael Burke Construction! We are a trustworthy construction company that’s been serving clients in and around Kingston, MA for more than three decades now. To get started on your project, call our bathroom remodel contractors near me at (508) 250-5928.

Local Bathroom Contractors

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Are you in the market for bathroom remodel experts? Here are some qualities you need to look for:

  • Versatility: Your local bathroom contractors should be able to provide an array of styles and designs. The sky’s the limit when it comes to bathroom remodel projects so there’s no need for you to stick to one or two options.
  • Friendliness: Bathroom remodel projects take a lot of time so it would be a nightmare to work with a bunch of rude, snobbish local bathroom contractors. It’d be best if you can find experts who have a pleasing personality and are easy to talk to. It’ll make the process a whole lot smoother.
  • Transparency: Before starting your bathroom remodel project, ask for a breakdown of the fees and costs. Nobody likes hidden fees in their bills so it’s best to protect yourself against them early in the process.

If you want the best local bathroom contractors, then reach out to Michael Burke Construction! Dial (508) 250-5928 now to get your free floor plan design.

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Joseph Soares Avatar
Joseph Soares
5/27/2019 - Google

Absolutely great price and the best outcome I could expect. Completion on time, honest and professional work. Rare find.

Chris Jones Avatar
Chris Jones
3/27/2019 - Google

The team was very professional, the cleanup excellent, and the new roof looks fantastic

Andrew Craig Avatar
Andrew Craig
11/27/2018 - Google

Hired Michael to do a new roof,everything went flawless. From start to finish, could not be happier. Crew worked non... read more

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